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East End Tattoo: Suffolk County’s Premier Tattoo Parlor

Whether you’re already covered in sleeves and you want to add to your collection, you have a tattoo that could look better, or you’re thinking about getting your first tattoo, head to East End Tattoo! As one of the premier Suffolk County tattoo parlors, our artists will turn your body into a work of art.

Helping People Express Themselves with Top-Quality Ink for Years

Once upon a time, tattoos were considered taboo; they were associated with “undesirable” people; people who had a less than “ideal” lifestyle. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Today, people have realized the incredible value that body ink can offer and view it as artwork and a form of self-expression.

At East End Tattoo, we’ve been helping people from all walks of life express themselves with top-quality designs for years. Whether you’re looking for a small, delicate piece that’s placed in a spot only you know about (and maybe people you choose to let see), or you want a bold design in a prominent location, we’ve got you covered. Our tattoo artists are the best in Suffolk County. Have a specific idea in mind but don’t know exactly how you want it to look? No problem! We’ll work with you to make your idea come to life. Know you want ink but not sure exactly what it is you’re looking for? Browse through our extensive collection of incredible designs. Want to turn an image that you already have into a permanent piece of body art – a portrait of a loved one or an image that someone you or someone you know drew up? We can totally do that, too!

No matter how big or small, how delicate or bold, how simple or complex; the artists at East End Tattoo can masterfully design and apply outstanding pieces that will allow you to truly express yourself.

Why Get a Tattoo?

If you’ve never gotten a tattoo before and you’ve been toying with the idea, but you’re not 100% sold, we hear you. Because tattoos are permanent, they’re a commitment; but, there are plenty of awesome reasons to get one…

  • They let you express yourself in a totally unique way. While it’s true that every person is one-of-a-kind, including their looks, ideas, interests, and personality, sometimes it’s hard to put what you’re about into words. Ink lets you display a little bit of who you are on the inside on the outside.
  • They’re the perfect way to honor something you’re passionate about. Have a cause that you stand for? Want to raise awareness for something that matters? Put it into a tattoo and let the world know what matters to you.
  • Tattoos are a meaningful way to honor someone you care about. Keep the memory of someone who has passed away alive with a memorial tattoo; tattoo the names or dates of birth of your children on your body; showcase your undying love for your soul mate with his or her name, or something that symbolizes your relationship.
  • Believe it or not, ink can be incredibly motivating. A word, phrase, or symbol that reminds you of who you are, where you came from, or what you want to achieve can make you stand proud or remind you that you can handle anything that life throws your way. For example, if you’re an anxious person, a simple tattoo that reads “Just Breathe” can be all you need to ground you when things start getting crazy.
  • No matter the style, size, color, design, tattoos are beautiful. They literally let you turn your body into a canvas that’s painted with incredible works of art.
  • Tattoos are yours, and yours alone. Nobody can ever take them away from you.

While all these are great reasons to get a tattoo, there’s one that tops them all: Because you want to! There’s nothing holding you back from getting inked, and at East End Tattoo, we’d love to help you turn your desire for a tattoo into a reality.

Why Choose Us?

There are tons of tattoo parlors in Mastic Beach, NY, so why should you choose East End Tattoo? Because we’re totally passionate about our trade and love helping our clients express themselves with ink. We truly care about every client we work with, and we do more than just meet your needs; we go above and beyond to make sure they’re exceeded. We aren’t happy unless you’re happy, and since we really like being happy, you can be sure that we’ll go out of our way to make sure you are, too!

Other reasons to choose East End Tattoo:

  • We live and breathe sanitization. We always use brand new tools and equipment, never reuse inks, and make sure that all of our supplies are sanitized according to the stringent regulations set forth by the Health Department.
  • We are fully licensed and always pass every inspection with flying colors.
  • Our artists are incredibly talented. When we say that they can make anything you’re thinking of coming to life, we mean it.
  • We do more than just tattoos: We also offer all forms of body piercing, from ears to lips, and from navels to genitalia; choose a piece of body jewelry from our extensive collection, or bring in your own and we’ll stick it.
  • We offer extensive aftercare instructions to ensure you know how to properly care for your ink or piercing to facilitate fast and effective healing that will yield long-lasting results.

Need more reasons to choose East End Tattoo? Stop in today or give us a call at 516-304-6293 to learn more. We’d be happy to discuss your needs, discuss our process, and share our collection of work so you can feel confident choosing us as your Suffolk County tattoo or body piercing shop.

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